FRIEZE – What to see during this year’s ARCO madrid

From an extensive Chiara Fumai retrospective to Lucía Bayón’s denim sculptures, Max Andrews selects the exhibitions not to miss in the Spanish capital

Lucía Bayón


18 February – 21 May 2022

Last year Lucía Bayón was one of the winners of ‘Generación’, the Fundación Montemadrid’s annual award for young artists working in Spain. For the resulting exhibition, she presented a sculptural constellation derived from resewing denim clothes and shredding and moulding their threads into rigid forms via the use of a Hollander beater, a machine developed in Dutch paper mills in the 17th century. Her show at Intersticio is titled ‘ese entredós’ after a fragment of a verse by Spanish sculptor Pepe Espaliú: an entredós is both a strip of lace joining two fabrics and a piece of furniture usually placed between two windows. Featuring sculptures referencing garment templates and wall reliefs, the show explores Bayón’s pleasure in transitional states via a pulpy agency and cyclical materiality where mashed fibres desiccate into papery thickness and poetic text is tangled into textile.


foto de una exposición de arte


Belmonte de Tajo 61

28019 Madrid

Miércoles a viernes 

de 11.00 a 19.00


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