Sway Foul, with contributions by digestivo

Antonia Brown

09.06.23 - 16.09.23

Antonia Brown’s work focuses on what she defines as the “field of affinity” to explore the various forms and risks of “being together with…”. Brown proposes affinity as something that enables transformation or transfiguration, even when it may not fully occur. However, affinity is accompanied by a certain degree of distortion. In her practice, she uses it as a device that seeks an incorporeal position or a shared inhabitation, thus opposing critical distance.

Antonia Phoebe Brown was born in South Africa and lives in Brussels. Her work materializes through sculpture and, at times, film and writing. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and a Master of Fine Arts from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Some of her recent exhibitions include: “The Artificial Silk Girl” at Brunette Coleman, London (2023), “The Postcard Party” at CC Strombeek, Brussels (2023), “Le Voeu du Faisan” at M.Simons, Amsterdam (2023), “Les Anneaux de Saturne” at Galerie Derouillon, Paris (2022), “Rama da sasa say so and” at Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris (2022). “Superposition” at Hinterconti, Hamburg (2022), “Roaring Shelters” at 10n, Brussels (2022).

“Digestivo” is a collaborative initiative founded in 2019 by artists Lucía Bayón and Lukas Meßner as a mobile project space in Rotterdam.

Acting at times as hosts for the practices of other artists, they foster a meeting space by establishing a common thread through the notion of experimentation or accident: within and around the kitchen, with materials, with substances that spill, ooze, or spoil. From these entanglements, their role revolves around the figure of interlocutors with other practices to which they want to respond, generating means of compilation, correspondence, and fragments that operate as part of an ongoing conversation.

Guided by the concepts of season and cycle, they investigate the scope of materialities that develop around acts of gathering, fermentation, or preservation: promoting residue and immersing it in a future perspective of sharing.

Past events include: “where do the clouds go? 2 with Raphael Pohl and Aaron Amar Bahmra at Galerie Le Carceri (Caldaro, 2023); Blown Blossom at Grazer Kunsteverein (Graz, 2023); Tempest Gourmand with Pedro Herrero Ferrán at Haus Wien (Vienna , 2020); “A voice can only break a glass that already has a crack in it”, with Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir (Rotterdam, 2020); “Colofonia líquida y saliva” with María Nolla Mateos (Rotterdam, 2019) and Moodring II (Rotterdam, 2019).

Lucía Bayón (b. 1994, Spain; based in Madrid) centers her practice around sculpture and writing.

Lukas Meßner (born in 1989, Italy; based in Vienna) is an artist who works with sculpture, text, and images.



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