Julia Creuheras

20.03.24 - 18.05.24

(The entangled particles move in a complex network where each interaction is intimately connected with the next, and with the next, and with the previous […] the steps are diluted in the form of probabilities before the impossibility of being defined, and the entities, barely discernible, seem to oscillate between existence and absence).

lightbodies by Julia Creuheras unfolds this sharp and subtle scenario, where the so-called light bodies, entities that have transcended the limitations of Newtonian laws, become narrators of a story of uncer- tainty and quantum reality. Through this premise, we enter a non-linear conception of time and space, where everything happens in unison and in an internally linked way. The lightbodies resemble pieces that make up a great machinery -like the intricate mechanism of a clock, a city, or a body- where each gear fits into a delicate balance of connections and relationships that shape the reality we share.

This mis-en-scène, stripped of any notion of past and future, is orchestrated by sound loops emitted by motors, which appear in many of Creuheras’ works. Their presence reminds us of the cyclical and non-linear nature of time that emerges from the new quantum perceptions; they immerse us in an eternal present where deciding is not determinant, and therefore, doubt is necessarily accepted.

Far from any moralism, in an exercise of radical nuance, quantum doubt emerges as a driving force in Creuheras’ work, reflected in the light-particle duality. And the fact is that matter, in the absence of an observer, behaves like light and particle at the same time: it exists in a state of uncertainty. It reminds us of the famous paradox of Schrödinger’s cat where, while the box remains closed, the cat remains alive and dead at the same time. “Treasuring doubt,” says the artist, “entails de-hierarchizing truth,” highligh- ting the importance of doubt as a liberating element.

Her works, sculpted as translucent elements that conceal their true state, woven of intertwined interac- tions or covered by multiple layers of meaning and matter, become metaphors for entities that exist in an indeterminate state: they are bodies that inhabit doubt. Such representations reveal themselves as con- tainers of encapsulated uncertainty in the eye of the beholder, suggesting infinite potentiality. And what remains to be desired, when everything is happening?

For Julia Creuheras, desire is not simply an impulse towards obtaining, but rather an antonym of getting, a contradiction in itself. In her works it manifests itself as a drive, a wandering wanderer in her journey, where the act of walking becomes a metaphor for the constant search, but never definitive.

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