Claro del bosque at Intersticio

lntersticio is pleased to present ‘Claro el Bosque’ the inaugural exhibition of the new space In Madrid at Calle Alcantara 31, a year after the opening of our space in London.

The group exhibition’ Claro del Bosque’ includes works by Josefina Anjou (SE), Nora Aurrekoetxea (ESP), Lucia Bayon (ESP), Isabella Benshimol (VE), Julia Crehueras (ESP), Diego Delas (ESP), JohannaO dersky (CH), Andres Izquierdo (ESP), Maren Karlson (DE) and Paul Maheke (FR), exploring the spaces, symbols poetics and rituals involved in the process of the occult, the collective and their healing and empowering force.

‘The clearing in the forest is a center where it is not always possible to enter’[1]. We cross a verge towards a desire, a dream, a vision, a place for communion and reunion. It is a productive center; but also the start of an exit; a space for oonspiration and whisper, where defenseless ghosts, elucubrations of futures and hidden memories navigate.

The access reveals itself as accidental, frontal, at night or during the day, it is a surprise, a futurity. ‘It is the immediate lesson of the clearances in the forest you don’t have to look for them, neither look for anything from them’[2], they will, offer themselves to you.

Upholded images appear, recalling encountered lites, breezes, blindings or reliques from a dream. Unerring spaces lighting a path, sloped on occasions.

Blind maps shaking us.

We would not know how we enter, neither remember the exist, if a clearing in the forest invites us to access its original feeling.

A space of prophecies, latent and denied knowledges shrinking away from binarity. Disseminated rituals across new ways of doing, spaces for propositions evading a limitant reason.

A scenario for healing without even knowing how long that moment may last. A frame for a ritual, traces of light and shadow, whispers crossing our feet.

We cross the verge and mutate bodies, circulating across a space of adoration and pause, daydream and emptiness, where shadows, games, failed plans, cover us presenting the listening of those voices from the substratum.

The clearing in the forest is an offering, a recovery. A place of encounter where to shed our skin, remodel the emptiness, listening, a place for a collective reborn.

The bright light, discordant, appears over a sky, ‘discontinuous, a clearing itself too’[3].

[1] Zambrano, Maria

Claro del Bosque

(Barcelona: Seix Barral, 1977)


[2] Ibid, p.27

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foto de una exposición de arte en la exposición Intersticio Claro del bosque


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